Annual report 2017

24 Apr 2018

Annual report 2017

Written by Anna Wallin Adersjö Published in

The Annual report 2017 is now available:

You will find:

– Results from Case Study 1: Emission of nanoparticles from studded tires to road runoff water (with focus on tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide cobalt, and other related metallic nanoparticles)

– Results from Case Study 2: Systematic studies of commercially relevant nanoparticles (with focus on silica nanoparticles)

– Results from a large questionnaire to stakeholders that work with nanomaterials, probing perceived risks and benefits as well as risk regulation of nanotechnology

– An overview of the Mistra Environmental Nanosafety program and our activities during 2017

– More videos that explain what we do, for example this one:



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