Ferry Nugroho is defending his thesis

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One of the reserchers in our program, Ferry Nugroho at the Department of Physics at Chalmers, is defending his thesis 23rd of May at 13:15. 

The title of his thesis are: "Nanoplasmonic Alloy Hydrogen Sensors A Quest for Fast, Sensitive and Poisoning-Resistant Hydrogen Detection"

Short description:
Imagine driving a car for hours, travelling along the beautiful coasts of Sweden, and what is coming out of the exhaust pipe are not toxic and polluting gases but only water. How fun and relieving would it be? This scenario may sound like imagination but, in fact, it is not. It happens now as you read this, with the rise of a hydrogen energy system. Hydrogen, the smallest and most abundant element in the universe, is wonderful. It carries three times more energy than gasoline of the same mass and possesses high energy conversion efficiency. Even better, hydrogen can be produced from water and therefore enables a truly sustainable energy cycle, free from polluting and greenhouse gas emissions.
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