Our researchers in Norwegian television about nanoplastics

Written by Anna Wallin Adersjö Published in

Tommy Cedervall and Mikael Ekvall were recently interviewed by Line Elvsåshagen in Norwegian TV (NRK Planet Plast).

You can see the piece here (in Swedish):


The researchers join the program after 34 minutes, and speak about what happens to fishes that eat nanoparticles (through the particles taken up by algea, which is then eaten by zooplankton).

– They are not doing very well, the fishes with the plastic nanoparticles. Their behaviour is affected, they tend to be a bit dozy, says Mikael Ekvall.

– You can detect the signal from plastics in the fishe's brain. It seems like the plastic can get into the brain, which could explain the changes in behaviour, he continues.

– We thought it was scary when we got the result. We saw changes early on in the brain on the fish that had taken up nanoplastics, says Tommy Cedervall.

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