The Swedish public's attitude towards nanotechnology


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TitleThe Swedish public's attitude towards nanotechnology
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLarsson S, Boholm Å
JournalSprickor i fasaden, SOM-institutets forskarantologi (Ulrika Andersson, Anders Carlander, Elina Lindgren & Maria Oskarson, red)
The public view on risks and advantages with new technology can be crucial to promote new innovations and to introduce new products on the market. A recently published book chapter (in the anthology "Sprickor i fasaden" from the SOM-institute) by MEN-researchers Simon Larsson and Åsa Boholm deals with the Swedish public's view on risks and benefits with nanotechnology. The public has low knowledge about nanotechnology. One part of the public is more distrustful and see mostly risks with the new technology, whereas others are hopeful and think that the area is promising.
People in the survey are in general positive to nanotechnology in medicines and in paint, but negative to the use of nanotechnology in food and cosmetics.
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