Workshop with authorities, academia and industry

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The Swedish national platform for nanosafety at Swetox, SweNanoSafe, gathered about 40 representatives from authorities, academia, industry and also environmental and unionorganisations for a full-day workshop. The headline was. "Nanosafety - how to secure future nanotechnology".

The purpose was to identify current obstacles to a safe management of nanomaterials and also actions to improve the situation. The day also served as a first meeting for the members of SweNanoSafe's expertpanel.

There were discussions in four groups: working environment, protection for consumers, nanomaterials in a lifecycle-perspective and Innovation and product development. The participants were asked to exemplify obstacles for a safe management of nanomaterials. By the end of the day several suggestions of how to develop the work with a safe management were created.

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04 Sep 2017

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