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02 Jun 2017
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Docent lecture: "Can carbon nanomaterials substitute scarce metals?"

Welcome to Rickard Arvidsson's joint docent lecture with Mathias Janssen.

Arvidsson, Assistant Professor at the department of Energy and Environment at Chalmers University of Technology, is one of the researchers in The Mistra Environmental Nanosafety program. On June 2, Arvidsson will lecture on "Can carbon nanomaterials substitute scarce metals?"

28 Mar 2017
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Swedish Nanosafety Conference

SweNanoSafe are organising a conference in collaboration with Swedish NANoREG and the Swedish Chemicals Agency .  

The conference aims at presenting the latest news within the nanosafety field.The Swedish NANoREG project will present its conclusions, followed by topics regarding environmental nanosafety, regulatory development and a panel discussion.

Join and learn about the latest news and take the chance to network with other actors in the field.

Invitations and agenda will be sent closer to the conference date, please save the date until then.

16 Mar 2017
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Frontiers of silica research 2017

Chalmers University of Technology and AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals invites researcher to present research focusing on recent and future research within the field of silica chemistry. 

The event will be held March 16-17, 2017 (lunch-to-lunch). Besides the lectures from the invited speakers there is room for a limited number of short oral presentations and for poster presentations. 

Keynote speakers

12 Mar 2017
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NanoImpact conference

The last 10 years saw an enormous growth in nanosafety funding and published research. Many of these results have gained high media attention and consequently, regulators, industry and the public demand answers whether these new materials represent a potential novel threat to humans and the environment and whether nanomaterials need to be assessed differently and more stringent than conventional materials.

20 Jun 2016
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Nordic Environmental Chemistry Conference

The Nordic Environmental Chemistry Conference – NECC 2016 is organised in Loka Brunn, Sweden, 20-22 June 2016. NECC 2016 is organized by the Division of environmental chemistry within the Swedish Chemical Society and Örebro University.
More information is available here.

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