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The Swedish NANoREG meeting 2015

This year, the Swedish NANoREG meeting 2015 took place in Lund. It was an opportunity to listen to the the NANoREG project coordinator Tom van Teunenbroek and also to meet with researchers in the Mistra Environmental Nanosafety program.

The program for the meeting is found here.

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Newsletter from the Chalmers AoA Nano

Here is the link to the latest newsletter from the Chalmers Area of Advance Nano.

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Focus on EHS at Sandvik

The latest issue of the Sandvik corportate magazine "Meet Sandvik" is focussed on safety and how to create an industry-leading safety culture.
Stuart Evans, Global Head of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Sandvik group states:  "I think of EHS as a culture change journey. The part of the journey we find ourselves on now is about fully integrating EHS into every aspect of our daily work and about seeing EHS as a business advantage rather than a compliance issue". (Meet Sandvik #2-2015)

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Att använda nanoteknik för att lösa miljöproblem

Nanoteknik kommer på olika sätt att kunna användas för att lösa olika miljöproblem. Vinnova har valt att stödja ett sådant forskningsprojekt med anknytning till programmet: Hybridmaterial av grafenoxid och silica-nanopartiklar för vattenrening och andra membranapplikationer.
Läs mer om det bevlijade projektet här.

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IMM Nyhetsbrev April 2015

Ett nytt nyhetsbrev från IMM, Karolinska institutet, har kommit ut.

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