Below, events are listed which are relevant to the program. In general, these events are not organized by the program, but in most cases participants in the program are involved in different ways.

16 Nov 2017 Written by Anna Wallin Adersjö

Workshop to characterize nanoparticles

How can one characterize and measure nanoparticles to be able to trace them in nature? At the research station in Kristineberg in Sweden, researchers were gathered to a consortium meeting and to attend a workshop on November 16th. Within the Mistra Environmental Nanosafety program they tried on scanning electron microscopy and laser instruments.

08 Nov 2017 Written by Anna Wallin Adersjö

Workshops for classes in Lund

Researchers in Mistra Environmental Nanosafety arranged workshops for students in Lund.

During 20 weeks from mid-October 2017 and forward, Tommy Cedervall and Mikael Ekvall, researchers at Dept of Biochemistry and Structural Biology at Lunds University, are meeting with students from high schools in Lund.

– They will get the opportunity to do some experiments with nanoparticles. The aim is to create interest for our work, and for science and research in general, says Tommy Cedervall.

Exhibition and theatre

01 Nov 2017 Written by Anna Wallin Adersjö

Single nanoparticle mapping paves the way for better nanotechnology

Single nanoparticle mapping paves the way for better nanotechnology

Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology and the Technical University of Denmark have developed a method that makes it possible to map the individual responses of nanoparticles in different situations and contexts. The results pave the way for better nanomaterials and safer nanotechnology and were recently published in the journal Nature Communications.

10 Sep 2017 Written by Anna Wallin Adersjö

Workshop with authorities, academia and industry

The Swedish national platform for nanosafety at Swetox, SweNanoSafe, gathered about 40 representatives from authorities, academia, industry and also environmental and unionorganisations for a full-day workshop. The headline was. "Nanosafety - how to secure future nanotechnology".

The purpose was to identify current obstacles to a safe management of nanomaterials and also actions to improve the situation. The day also served as a first meeting for the members of SweNanoSafe's expertpanel.

30 Jun 2017 Written by Ida Brattström In

Course opportunity in Nanotoxicology at Karolinska Institutet, September 18-22

This fall, the Institute of Environmental Medicine at Karolinska Institutet, in Stockholm, Sweden, offers a course in Nanotoxicology. 

The course is called Potential Risks of Engineered Nanomaterial to Human Health and the Environment and will be held in September 18-22, 2017. The course is open for PhD students and there is no course fee.

Deadline for applications is: July 28, 2017.

Students should provide a brief description of their research project and motivation for course participation plus a very brief CV.

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