Below, events are listed which are relevant to the program. In general, these events are not organized by the program, but in most cases participants in the program are involved in different ways.

04 Dec 2015 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

National workshop for sustainable lifestyles

A workshop on sustainable lifestyles has been organized by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency with the aim to discuss the question “how Sweden can move from words to action for a more sustainable living?”.

The Swedsh Life Cycle Center has summarized the workshop. Read the summary here.

02 Dec 2015 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

Kemikalieinspektionen föreslår anmälningskrav för nanomaterial

Kemikalieinspektionen föreslår att företag ska bli skyldiga att anmäla om kemiska produkter innehåller nanomaterial. Syftet med förslaget är att öka kunskapen om vilka nanomaterial som finns på den svenska marknaden.

Läs mer här.

29 Nov 2015 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

NanoLund researchers measure work place exposure to nanoparticles

Work place nanosafety is related to the Mistra Environmental Nanosafety program in several ways. There are many opportunities for synergies bewteen methodology developed for work place investigations and for the environment.

Read more about how nanoparticle exposure at work places is measured by researchers in Lund here.


16 Nov 2015 Written by Anonymous (not verified) In

Visualization workshop in conjunction with the consortium meeting

In conjuction with the consortium meeting, an open workshop on visualization was organized, with presentations relating to nanosafety and the research in the Mistra Environmental Nanosafety program.

03 Nov 2015 Written by Anonymous (not verified)

Nyhetsbrev från IMM, Karolinska Institutet

Läs här om aktuell verksamhet och nyheter vid Institutet för miljömedicin (IMM), Karolinska Institutet.


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