Workshops for classes in Lund

16 Oct to 22 Dec 2017

Workshops for classes in Lund

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Researchers in Mistra Environmental Nanosafety arranged workshops for students in Lund.

During 20 weeks from mid-October 2017 and forward, Tommy Cedervall and Mikael Ekvall, researchers at Dept of Biochemistry and Structural Biology at Lunds University, are meeting with students from high schools in Lund.

– They will get the opportunity to do some experiments with nanoparticles. The aim is to create interest for our work, and for science and research in general, says Tommy Cedervall.

Exhibition and theatre

The Mistra research-group from Lunds University also participates in an exhibition at Edmanska huset, Folkparken in Lund during the fall 2017. The exhibition is about plastics in the sea and are made for students from primary school up to high school. The students can also watch a theatre about the same subject, "The sixth continent" performed by Teater Sagohuset, in the same building. The aim is to inspire to actions to save the threatened environment, but also to create an interest about chemistry and the significance of water at earth.You can read more about the show and the exhibition here.

Mikael Ekvall, researcher and Erik Nilebäck, coordinator


16 okt 2017 to 22 dec 2017

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